The People’s Voice

Saw 2 wedge tail eagles 2 days ago over our house. First time I’ve seen these guys since the drones. Used to see them all the time. Welcome back big birds..

Paul. December 25 2018

Lovely morning. It is 8.40 and have counted 8 drone deliveries either next door or nth or sth of my place.

Margaret S. October 20 2018

We used to get a huge amount of bird life in and around our yard as our backyard backs onto Bonython hill. We have noticed though that over the past 6 weeks or so there are very few birds around. We also used to get lots of cockatoos but haven’t seen even one cocky in ages.

Leanne N. October 1 2018

Just stood over at Stranger Pond for 10 minutes, saw 2 small ducks. It is usually teeming with waterfowl, the only difference to previous years is the Drones, they must look and sound frightening to the birds

Nev S. October 1 2018

Out in garden this morning and was lovely and peaceful then guess what ! Yes the bloody drone heard wining across the valley and seen. I really hate that thing. no peace😩😡

Jane G. September 30 2018

I have lived in Bonython for nearly 20 years. It has been a very quiet suburb with fabulous wild life and birds seen regularly. Since the commencement of the drones flying over Bonython i have noticed a lot of the smaller birds are missing and I am not seeing regularly.
THE DRONE IS AWFUL AND MUST GO. The noise can be heard for kms before you see it. It echos across the valley. It was flying over my home constantly at the beginning of the trial. I had no privacy and was very disturbing.
I understand that drones have a great purpose in emergencies and should be used in theses incidents but I would like them gone permanently.
I am not a happy Canberra resident. 😡

Jane G. September 25 2018