Birds The bird life has significantly decreased around the suburb and in the immediate nature park area. There are no pelicans, swans, ibis, cormorants or other regular inhabiting and breeding birds on the pond this year. They are swooping and attacking the drones There have been numerous sightings and recorded instances of bird aggressively attacking … More PETS AND WILDLIFE


The drone system is automated and is required under current Regulations to have one pilot to each drone.  The question remains that, even with all of the software, virtual fencing and other technologies, can they fly safely out of line of sight in busy urban settings? These are heavy and large pieces of machinery and … More DRONES


Gai Brodtman MP has called for an independent review of the drone trial after her office was flooded with negative and concerning feedback.  She suggests that a federal regulator, either the Privacy Commissioner or CASA conduct this review on a range of issues such as consultation, privacy, data collection, and the approval process to apply … More INDEPENDENT REVIEW


Link to the inquiry submissions, hearings and transcripts. Canberra Liberals, with the endorsement by Andrew Wall MLA, has called for a parliamentary inquiry into household drone delivery services in the ACT.  An inquiry has been approved following significant complaints about the drones since the trial started in July.  The inquiry has little focus on … More PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY


While noise is the number one issue, privacy follows a close second.  Currently there appears to be no specific piece of legislation that protects the privacy of individuals against drones. There are no specific rules around privacy in CASA regulations or the use of drones for surveillance.  The regulation also do not prohibit a drones … More PRIVACY


There have been a number of incidents involving drones in Bonython that have not been reported to CASA or by Wing to any authority. Incidents that have been reported by residents to the action group or have been posted on Facebook include Deliveries to the wrong address Bird strikes Spilt hot drinks Drone crash on … More DRONE INCIDENTS


Project Wing is a subsidiary of Alphabet, as is Google.  Project Wing arrived in Tuggeranong early in 2018 and offered information sessions about the drones to some residents in Bonython.  There were some households who received flyers.   There has been no direct contact by Project Wing with residents other than to those who signed up … More PROJECT WING


Lets face it. We have noise all around us, at varying levels.  Noise pollution worsens as cities grow but the convenience of drone delivery will come with a price.  Noise pollution is not only annoying – it is harmful to our health. Exposure to noise has been linked to heart disease, lower academic performance and sleep problems. … More NOISE