About Us

We are a group of like-minded residents, who have come together with the one aim to raise awareness of the negative impact of the drone delivery trial on people, pets and wildlife in Bonython and to ensure governance and appropriate legislative orders are in place to protect the community.  

Our mission is to stop the drones and their intrusiveness on the peace and quiet of our suburb and environment. ​

The main areas of concern are noise, privacy, data collection, safety and impact on local birdlife, pets and lack of regulation.  

The delivery drone aircraft, operated by a private commercial business – Project Wing, was introduced to our suburb with support from the ACT Government.

We are also concerned that there has been, and is no ACT Government or Federal oversight of the trial, or formal feedback mechanism to enable residents to contact anyone, other than the Project Wing, who are operating the drone delivery service, with feedback or complaints.

We created a Facebook page BONYTHON AGAINST DRONES and have had amazing success with it.  Many residents are using this as the only avenue to have a voice.  For those who do not access Facebook we instigated an email account.  A regular Bulletin is broadcast to both these forms of media, keeping those ‘members’ informed of our actions.  We have also developed a website to inform and make people aware of the detrimental effects of the drone delivery service, absence of Government oversight and transparency of decisions, the need for critical review of this business model operating in a suburban environment, immature regulations and lack of legislation surrounding the use of commercial drones. 

The peaceful amenity of our homes is the foundation of our lives, and paramount to our health and wellbeing.