The drone system is automated and is required under current Regulations to have one pilot to each drone.  The question remains that, even with all of the software, virtual fencing and other technologies, can they fly safely out of line of sight in busy urban settings?

These are heavy and large pieces of machinery and there have been numerous reports elsewhere in Australia and overseas of crashes or other incidents involving smaller drones where serious injury has occurred. Additionally, reports of bird strikes and collisions are another well-documented factor.

Drones collect their payload from the pick up area then map the best route to the destination automatically using unmanned traffic management platform.

We know that operators of large,commercial drones are required to wear safety helmets, but why when the public, particularly those receiving deliveries, are not required to wear them.


  • can fly up to a 10 km range
  • are 1.5 metres wide
  • can carry up to 1.5kg
  • They typically fly 20m-30m above the ground and descend to approximately 7 m when delivering
  • have a downward facing cameras on them to determine where to drop and ensure the drone flies safely.

Delivery Operating hours

The CASA website notes that the current operating hours are:                    

  • Mon to Sat         07:00 – 20:00
  • Sun                     08:00 – 20:00

Drone Deliveries

  • Menu and selection of items available from providers are limited.
  • Prescription medication cannot be delivered from the chemist provider but only items such as band aids, paracetamol etc.
  • It is a concern that pharmaceuticals are delivered without consultation with a professional pharmacist.
  • If customers order a large meal through the drone service, it can take five or more delivery drops to complete an order due to weight limits.  This constitutes a whole lot of noise for many people who live on the flight path and around the drop zone.
  • If an order is placed from a customer from across the other side of the suburb, up to 150 households or more can be disturbed in the flight path ,another 20 or so while the drone hovers and delvers, then 150 or more again for the return flight – and all for one order.

There has been no charge for deliveries during the testing phase.