Project Wing is a subsidiary of Alphabet, as is Google. 

Project Wing arrived in Tuggeranong early in 2018 and offered information sessions about the drones to some residents in Bonython.  There were some households who received flyers.  

There has been no direct contact by Project Wing with residents other than to those who signed up for the trial or a mass-generated response when residents have sent feedback to them.  

Wing has provided information only in the form of advertising their service.  There has been no collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making which involves the residents. 

Governing Authority

  • There is currently no agency or body that governs, scrutinises or has any policing authority over Project Wing.
  • The Wing company, and including ACT Government, are not presenting transparency on the drones issues including approvals for the trial to start, feedback, incidents, data collection.

Trial period

  • Project Wing advertised that they were conducting a trial however the trial started without an end date and without any known parameters. This is NOT a ‘trial’.


  • The images recorded from flights and drops are stored offshore for an undetermined time period and it is unknown who has access to this information and for what purposes.