There have been a number of incidents involving drones in Bonython that have not been reported to CASA or by Wing to any authority.

Incidents that have been reported by residents to the action group or have been posted on Facebook include

  • Deliveries to the wrong address
  • Bird strikes
  • Spilt hot drinks
  • Drone crash on a non-customers driveway
  • People being followed in public areas by drones
  • Drone flying so low that it nearly caused a resident to drive off the road.

It has been reported that only one incident has been conveyed to CASA. It is our understanding that other incidents are not reported due to the fact that the pilots of the drones are not in line of sight of the drones and cannot see what is actually going on.There is consistently conflicting information about incidents provided by ProjectWing and CASA.  One day it is reported that there have been no reportable incidents and the next it is stated that there has, in fact, been an incident.